Month: June 2017

It can certainly be a dirty job, but emptying septic tanks doesn’t necessarily have to be as unpleasant as it sounds. The septic tank management industry ishuge because most companies aren’t willing to take the plunge, so after you have decided to become a part of the septic tank management industry, you might want to look into how helpful high volume vacuum trailers might be to your business. Try working smart instead of risking getting your hands dirty by running an efficient septic tank cleaning business with the following hints and tricks.

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Plan Your Route the Smart


A dispatcher sends out one of his drivers on a daily run that will take his truck to the other side of the county and back. The thought of a roadside inspection never enters the dispatcher’s mindbecause the truck driver will never get on the interstate. That means no weigh stations, no inspection stations, and very few worries. Does that mean the truck driver does not need to do a thorough pre-trip inspection? Absolutely not.

Roadside inspections carried out by police officers and DOT inspectors serve a purpose. They are intended to identify truck drivers and carriers who are not …