Month: December 2017

As per a recent survey it has been found that the demand for the new cars has dropped drastically, while the demand for the used cars has increased to a great extent. Primarily, this is because the entire world is suffering from economic crisis and thus it becoming difficult to invest in a new car. In addition, the increasing car loan interest rates, expensive spare parts are also some of the reasons that have contributed to the reduced demand for the new cars. On the other hand, as the costs of the used cars are relatively less, there has been …

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A manufacturer warranty is essentially a promise that your car is in working condition and if it has any mechanical problem then the manufacturer will cover the repair costs. But manufacturers usually provide such offers for a certain period of time. Once the manufacturer warranty ends, you should be prepared to pay a considerable amount in case your vehicle goes through any repair services. But, with the existence of a vehicle service contract you can be rest assured that you do not need to worry about the car repair costs.

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